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Art, Photography & Creativity

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Art is fused through all we do

Children are intuitively creative and that is gold dust.


Tuesdays are designated creative nights - though it is fused throughout everything we do - and below are some examples of the work done by the children and young people, and what we collectively discover as we go along.


Just some branches of art that we have already tackled are:


  • Japanese tie-dyeing

  • block print

  • painting and drawing

  • portraits

  • photography

  • drone photography

  • modelling

  • pottery and claywork.


The kids do not need to be "good at" drawing or sculpture, or to be studying it at school... we just encourage them to make marks on paper or clay and see what happens! We talk a lot about 'don't think, just do and trust yourself' - and by doing it that way the creativity just pours out of them. They just can't help it. A lot of it is about getting them to see the world from a different perspective, and growing the confidence to just start the creative process.

Boredom is just not an option.

Work created and curated by the Renegades' young members

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