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Rascals are go!

The Renegades have a young sibling!

Get ready for the madness and mayhem…the Renegades Youth Club is setting up a junior club for local children aged 7-10.

Designed with the same creative chaos as its older sibling, the Rascals will offer a wide variety of suitably tailored activities.

“We have long wanted to offer something to the rurally isolated younger children and now we are testing the water with an experiment that will run up until Christmas,” says Group Leader Gareth Miller.

“The club will run from 5pm to 6.30pm on Mondays and be based at North Hall in Loxwood. As with the Renegades, the Rascals will operate on a voluntary subscription of £10 a month so you only pay if you choose to contribute.  We will be offering everything from archery to canoeing and larping, but it will be safely adapted for the younger age group.

“Interested families must contact me in advance on 07801862550 so that I have an idea of how many children to expect. It’s going to be great fun – not least because some of the older Renegades are now working as Youth Leaders and will help with the Rascals, which is great for the younger ones as well as giving the older ones responsibility and experience.”

The younger children will also get the amazing opportunity to do archery on a Friday night and go canoeing on a Sunday morning, but on these occasions a parent must accompany and stay with them.

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