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Drama and Film


We have a dedicated Drama & Film club that meets on a Wednesday night. As some of the leaders have worked in both film and theatre, both out front and behind the scenes, this is one of Renegades' big passions.

Here the young Renegades have the opportunity to actually play with Shakespeare properly, doing voice work and staging their own productions. It is a wonderful opportunity to build their confidence and their self esteem...something they will carry with them all their lives.

They are also taught basic film techniques, lighting, sound, crossing the line etc. focus work and we are building our store of equipment to assist with this. However, if there’s any film company out there feeling generous or just wanting to get rid of old kit we’re here ready and willing!

We are also happy to help budding playwrights or screen writers out there by workshopping their scenes or scripts. 

In addition to Shakespeare, we look at all aspects of theatre - from Michel Sandane to Greek mask work and Chaucer, via the poetry of Brecht, Johnson, Auden, Larkin... and Rap.

Nothing is off limits and the funnier the works the better.

We have asked the Arts Council for some financial help as we are planning to put on some experimental shows, doing all the work behind and in front of the curtain.


Boredom is just not an option.

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