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Cooking is a big thing for us because there’s nothing quite like a giant tea party...friends sitting down to eat good food together - particularly since the isolation of the last year.

The Renegades believes in two things with regard to cooking: the children deserve to eat really good nutritious food at camp or when we do BBQs and secondly that they learn to cook in a healthy but adventurous way.

Teaching cooking, we are slowly working our way round Europe and South East Asia, trying all kinds of different recipes -  as with everything else we do there’s nothing we won’t tackle! So far they’ve made a historical Roman carbonara and pizzas from scratch - and we mean from scratch, including making their own cheese, bread and tomato paste - and all from local ingredients.

During lockdown and over Zoom, the children made Thai green and red curry paste from scratch, pasta from scratch and Chinese dumplings (using our own recipe for the pancakes, made from the rice we ground). Other dishes include homemade hummus and pesto, both of which tasted a thousand times better than prepared stuff, Zabaglione and Italian custard.

Thanks to generous donations and grants, we have a range of small stoves, base ingredients and individual cooking equipment to support cooking as an activity.

Boredom is just not an option.

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