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Caving is one of Renegades' favourite activities and after the release of lockdown we’ll be getting back to it this year.

Mostly we go to Somerset as that’s where some of the best caves are that are near us., but then the Renegades love a long minibus drive and the music. It's utter madness.

Caving - even professionally organised and with guides - can be scary and so this isn’t for everyone but, as with all the Renegade activities, you do it if you want to and you don’t if you don’t.

As Group Leader Gareth Miller can personally testify, it's definitely not for those who suffer from claustrophobia because it’s not Wookie hole, with steps and railings.

The Renegades are in full caving gear, warm onesies (all in one overalls) caving helmets, gloves, harnesses, belts and pro torches. Wellies are surprisingly often the best foot wear. All trussed up like Christmas turkeys, the children have a riot.

There is nothing quite like disappearing down a black hole and seeing the underground world open up in front of your torchlight.

No one actually knows how old some of these cave complexes are, but they’re a real wonderland with all the weird and wonderful rock formations that go with it. Picture journey to the centre of the earth and Indiana Jones all rolled up together - that’s just what it's like!


Boredom is just not an option.

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