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Rock Climbing


After a forced hiatus because of the pandemic, we are planning to start weekend adventures like rock climbing as one of our regular activities from this year.


With the help of our friends at Hatt Adventures we will be climbing and abseiling this year at Harrison's Rocks between Brighton and London. To begin with the children will learn how to tie onto the rope, how to safely belay a climbing buddy, the techniques needed to climb their first outdoor wall, as well as the fascinating history of the sport. With a full day of activities, Hatt will be able to slowly increase the difficulty of their climbing routes while also making sure they are suitable for their experience.

But it doesn't stop at weekends away.  We are planning and hoping to get the funding for our own climbing wall to make this not only one of our weekend away adventures  but also a regular weekly activity as the children are very keen.

Boredom is just not an option.

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