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What we do

You name it, we’ll either be doing it or it’s on our To Do list!


From bushcraft to blind food tastings, from archery to astronomy, from sailing and caving to canoeing and fishing via creating clay bowls from river clay, the weekly programme of activities being offered by The Renegades is both fantastically varied and truly exciting.


We are currently in the middle of restoring a Go Kart that was donated to the group and building one from scratch,  and every clear starry night we are peering through new telescopes, while the camping equipment is about to get some serious use!

Our  current weekly activities are:

  • Mixed, general activities - Monday 

  • Carpentry, mechanics and design - Tuesday

  • Cookery and Art - Thursday

  • Archery, Larping and drone flying- Friday 

  • Night walk - late Friday (seasonal)

  • Saturday morning fishing (seasonal)

  • Sunday morning canoeing

Everything is booked through Spond, so please check your membership account for availability and to sign up for a session.

In addition to the weekly mixed or activity specific sessions, there will be one or two green camps every term and one professionally organised activity like sailing, caving or rock climbing. Add to that London museum visits, hiking and cookery…there are lots of plans and ideas (most from the children themselves) to keep them entertained and off the street corner throughout the year.


Boredom is just not an option.

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